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Detailed estimates are complex, involved, and take considerable time to produce. However, the following limited information 
will give you a good Budget Price Guide to help you assess the affordability of your project. 
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  Ground Floor m2   Extension Tight site  
  First Floor m2   Single New Build Complex Design  
  2nd floor m2   Multiple New Build London 30 miles  
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  Total floor area m2       =  sq.ft. (1m2 = 10.764 sq ft)  
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L-Shape house plan
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Benfield ATT illustration for H-shape house
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  Image displaying Benfield ATT basic Gable Roofed structure   Illustration of Hipped and vallied roof structure  
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  Budget Prices with floor & roof Supply Kit Erect Kit   Approximate    From To  
  Bare Timber Frame 'Shell'   Full Contract Build: (foundations extra)
  Inclusive of Technical Design, Structural Engineering & Mainland Delivery. Assumes concrete ground floor
  Optional Prices - Drawing Sketch  Planning* B. Regs* *based on prior CAD drawing
  Site inspection visit =    50% refunded against 'kit' order
  The following are for higher level factory insulated Timber Frame & SIP Frame specifications - see attached.  
  Indicative Insulated 'Kit' prices - NOTE: you will need at least "Bronze" to meet Building Regulations  
  Timber Fr  
  SIP Frame  
  Choose roof tiles, external walls, windows, doors, flooring, mouldings and more with our in-house specialists.  
  VAT chargeable on everything except residential new builds where we erect  
  Benfield ATT Group, 5-6 Castle Way, Caldicot, NP26 5YG  01291 437 050   [email protected]  
           Rationalised Specifications & Performances
  Each package kit includes:- - technical design and structural engineering calculations for Bujiding Control
  - all components for the superstructure above foundation slab level
  - DPC, external and internal walls, upper floor joists and floor deck, roof structure  
  - PLUS insulation where specified
  - manufacture + delivery to site by 40ft lorry, for offloading by client (unless otherwise agreed)
  Indicative U-values assume 100mm external brick cladding + clay tile roof.
  SAP assessments should check these and also need ground floor, windows & door U-values. 
  Timber Panel Frame Structural Insulated Panel Frame
  "Standard" - basic 600mm crs structural kit for you to add to "Standard" - SIP external Walls, Open rafter roof.
  U values:- walls 0, Roof 0, Airtight <=7 U values:- walls 0.17, Roof 0, Airtight <=7
  Single sole plate to ground floor (add more if needed) Single sole plate to ground floor (add more if needed)
  Open cell wall panels for you to insulate. Solid timber joists & 150mm SIP external wall panels, open timber stud internal
  floor deck. Skeletal rafter roof for you to cover and insulate. walls. Solid timber joists, floor deck, open rafters.
  "Bronze" - weathertight, 2014 building reg.compliant shell. "Bronze" - weathertight, 2014 building reg.compliant shell.
  U values:- walls 0.18, Roof 0.15, Airtight <=6 U values:- walls 0.17, Roof 0.14, Airtight <=5
  As for "Basic" above + factory fit 120mm PIR rigid insulation As for "Basic" above + 175mm SIP roof, 25x38 battens inside 
  between studs. 9mm OSB sarking board over rafters + Breather external walls, Membrane + counter batten to roof. Solid
  membrane and counterbattens + 160mm PIR rigid insulation  timber joists, & floor deck, open timber stud internal walls.
  to site fit between rafters at 600 centres.            
  "Silver" - enhanced 'Eco-House' "Silver" - enhanced SIP 'Eco-House'
  U values:- walls 0.15, Roof 0.13, Airtight <=5 U values:- walls 0.14, Roof 0.12, Airtight <=4
  As for "Bronze" above + polythene VCL, joint tape, 140 PIR 175mm SIP external walls, 200mm SIP roof, 25x38 battens
  rigid insulation between wall studs, + PIR blocks between  inside external walls, polythene VCL,  Membrane & counter
  perimeter joist ends. Roof as "Bronze" but with 200mm PIR  batten to roof, solid timber joists & deck to upper floors, 
  insulation . Polythene VCL to roof + 12.5mm plasterboard open stud internal wall frames.
  lining for walls (skim by others)            
  "Gold" - possibly no Central Heating (may need MHRV) "Gold" - possibly no Central Heating (may need MHRV)
  U values:- walls 0.12, Roof 0.11, Airtight <=3.5 U values:- walls 0.12, Roof 0.11, Airtight <=3.0
  As for "Silver" + upgrade to Reflex membrane to external walls 200mm SIP walls, 225mm SIP roof, 25x38 battens to inside 
  + 50mm PIR insulation outside wall wrap, 59.5 PIR and external walls, "Airguard" style intelligent VCL, Membrane &
  plasterboard composite lining to external walls & roof counterbatten to roof, 219mm metal web joists + floor deck.
  (for site fix). Adds metal web joists for MV / MHRV ducts            
  & services + mineral wall insulation between internal walls.            
  "Platinum"  - near Passivhaus performance "Platinum"  - near Passivhaus performance
  U values:- walls 0.11, Roof 0.10, Airtight <=1.0 U values:- walls 0.11, Roof 0.10, Airtight <=1.0
  As for "Gold", upgrade to 69.5 PIR & plasterboard composite As for "Gold" upgraded to 225mm SIP external walls, 260mm
  on walls. Replaces polythene VCL with 'Intelligent' Airguard SIP roof, "Reflex" type BM external walls, "Airguard" type
  VCL membrane, airtightness kit for external wall junctions intelligent VCL.
  Legend: BM = breather membrane, VCL - Vapour control layer, Upper floors = joists 220x45, deck 18mm OSB or 22mm 
  Chipboard (Ground floors assumed concrete by others). 9mm OSB roof sarking board. 38x89 internal walls
  Benfield ATT Group, 5-6 Castle Way, Caldicot, NP26 5PR  01291 437 050   [email protected]